The Johnson Six

The Johnson Six

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From a stay-at-home working mom to you: LIFE CAN BE BEAUTIFUL if you just enjoy the ride and don't make plans because life happens while you are making other plans!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 2013

This is our picture from June 2013.
I still can't believe that we had another baby girl Anneliese seven months ago. She was born Nov. 14, 2012 and has been an angel baby ever since.  I could write for days on this blog to catch up with what has happened with our family.  That will have to be another day!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I can't believe that I am pregnant with our fourth child.  It is so overwhelming!!!  The twins are now 4 and Andrew is 6 1/2.  I have been so sick with this pregnancy...and it has been so difficult.  John was severely burned at work and missed a month of work.  We are trying to recover from all of that at this time.  Life is always a lot different than you think it will be.  What a crazy time in the Johnson household.  Thank goodness for friends and family that have really stepped up to the plate!  I am tired and working 30 hours/week.  But, I am almost 17 weeks now and we will soon find out the gender of this precious little one.  I will write more later.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Let's just say that life has been extremely trying and "interesting" lately. About two weeks ago, John was in a car accident and our front end was smashed up pretty good. The car was towed to a shop and John was ambulanced to the hospital. I got the car back and John is ok, however we are still without a car of our own! Luckily, we have so much family and friends that are willing to step right in. So, then we got a ticket in the mail from the night of the accident from a different place and John hasn't worked for six months. RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, hmmmmm.... I am SURE there is a rainbow at the end of this, right???? There HAS to be!
The good news is that John has an interview with a good company tomorrow. Wish us luck! We need it more than you can possibly know. We will get our car back and I am sure life will be less trying so now I need to focus on the positive.
I have been thinking a lot about what I DO have and trying hard not to focus on what I don't. I have a beautiful family and a home and friends and family. Is there anything more that I truly need besides money to pay our bills :) Just some rambling as I listen to the CD of music I am attempting to memorize for our March 5th Easter concert. I LOVE this choir!!!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2:30am - I am NOT in high school anymore

So, last night I went over to Hilary's and watched 500 days of summer. It was a pretty good movie, besides the ending I did not appreciate. Anyway, we chatted and ate ice cream and cake until TWO THIRTY in the morning. It was when I was groggily driving home to my precious bed that I realized I am hardly capable of staying up half the night anymore. High School and College days are over. Now I am a "responsible" adult with children and a hubby. Although I do dearly love my friend, I think we should start our night earlier next time. I am not really sure how I will make it through today, but here is to amazing friends that you CAN stay up half the night with and want to keep talking with and never run out of things to say. I love you Hil!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Fun Near Year's Eve

So, yesterday was a fun and eventful day. I did NOT sleep in even though I finally had a day off of work, however I did get a lot accomplished. Let's see... I woke up early and went to Lowe's to FINALLY get the paint I need to finish the room that will be the boy's room when I am brave enough to move the twins out of their cribs. I only have one wall left to paint and now I can.. yeehaw!!

Then later, Monica and I went to IKEA and I got some toyboxes for their rooms. I put one together this morning myself...very easy one.

That evening, kids to a babysitter and the girls to dinner while the boys went to the Insight Bowl!!! Mom, Marne, me and Monica all went to PF Chengs... yummy!!!!!!! Lettuce wraps... anyone??? Just thinking about it makes me drool. It was fun to just relax with no children and just chat.

Later, I took the kids to a party our family was invited to. It was at a nice house and there were LOTS of kids... mine being the youngest. We had fry bread and delicious treats and I ate even though I was still full.... John played cards with the adults and I watched a movie with Rachelle and ran after my hoodlums. The kicker was that we stayed until just after midnight and the twins STAYED AWAKE. Andrew fell asleep around 11pm and the babies didn't hit their wall until 11:30pm. It was nuts. Minutes after midnight, we were in the car and headed home with three sleeping children in tow. They all slept until TEN this morning which was a New Year's gift for mommy!!!!
I threw in this picture just becuase I wanted to. It was at my parent's church Christmas party.. love it!!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This thing called life

Ok, so I have been at this blogging thing for hours now and I have figured out a very few things now. This is so crazy, kind of an online journal, only friends and family can read it. Hmmmm. Well, this week has been so fun. Christmas was a total blast and the kids got way too much. But, my baby Andrew turned FOUR yesterday and celebrated with some friends and some family. He got a light saber which he has already managed to smash his face with. I need to post a pic of his pretty red face, don't I? We found out that Sam definitely has a lazy eye and will go to an eye doctor in Feb. Hmmm... what else have I found out lately? can't think, however I have FOUR, count them FOUR days off of work.. so I am super excited about that. I can hear babies coughing in their room right now which is not good. Oh, speaking of rooms, I am switching the twins out of cribbies soon and putting the boys in a bunkbed and Abby will get her own room. I know, they will be two in March... so here comes the fun of getting woken up every night, not by one hoodlum, but by three!!!!

I can not figure out how to upload more than one picture..grrr.